About Us

Our story

Perkit is a Lead company based in Norrköping. The company was started in 2015 with the vision to motivate their users to exercise for a healthier lifestyle. It is known that a persons ability to concentrate increases if the person is physically active, being active can also prevent and treat stress-related illness. We believe that a healthy work team is a happy team! Just connect your health devices like runkeeper, jawbone and fitbit to Perkit. You will earn points for the calories you burn, your points can then be used to get access to a wide range of rewards!

Where are we heading?

At the moment we are working on getting the app available for all people and not just companies. We believe that Perkit is not just for work teams but also for you and your friends. If you would like to contact us please send an email to oc.tikrep@olleh . We hope that you will get motivated to get active and that you will find rewards that suits you!

Work with us!

At Perkit we are not looking to fill a certain position, we are looking for the right personality! We are always looking for motivated people to join our team and help us grow! If you would like to work with a team that are passionate about helping people to be happy and healthy, send us an email! oc.tikrep@olleh

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